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romennim and I humbly present you an offering of over 175 K/S/M bookmarks. That’s right, there is real proof of how very SMALL this fandom truly is; thus, in light of this terrible news, we are demanding payment for our dedication in the form of more K/S/M fics and more fic reviews for all. (Remember, encouragement = incentive to write.) So… ponder, plot and comment, my pretties, or we’ll sick gangsta!Spock and his big Tommy Gun on you!!

>>> Please acknowledge this WARNING:

The following site contains bookmarks to Kirk/Spock/McCoy threesome fanfiction. If the fic even hints at K/S/M, it counts–be it fantastic, tacky, or tentacle porn. In all fairness to K/S/M readers (and to satisfy diverse needs), we do not discriminate.

Now go play: ksm_ot3 bookmarks!!

If you wish to suggest bookmarks, please do so through delicious (if you are a user) or by messaging romennim or writer_klmeri via LJ. Thank you.

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  1. stonesundial

    Thank you very much. I’ve scoured ff.net clean and wasn’t sure where else to look, except that now I am. Yes. You rock.

    • writer_klmeri

      You are very welcome! We just wanted a place to play in K/S/M fics–precisely for the reason that it IS hard to find them because the fandom is small. :)

  2. lovelyzelda

    Damn, you were fast with some of the kink_bingo stuff. (And you have made me realize that I am woefully inconsistent with noting pairings in my entry titles.)

      • lovelyzelda

        Oh, there’s no need to thank me. All I did was take S/Mc prompts from st_tos_kink and add threeways to the end of all of them. Since I’m desperate for attention and don’t understand delicious: Who Moans for Adonais?–Kirk sells porn tapes of Spock and McCoy to the crew. And then he gets caught. Continuing Education 1 2–Spock wants to have sex with Kirk, so McCoy teaches Spock how to have sex with humans. Emotional Transference–XI!Kirk watches Spock Prime’s sexy memories. Strange Human Rituals–Post Voyage Home, based on how much McCoy flirts with Spock throughout the movie. Mostly Spock/McCoy, but references to past K/S/Mc

  3. dizilla

    There is also this comm, bridge2sickbay. It’s currently on a mini hiatus but basically a weekly, themed, drabble challenge where people can request any pairings. There’s been quite a few written k/s/m (I’m sure I’ve written one or two myself there) which you can check out with tag: http://community.livejournal.com/bridge2sickbay/tag/filled:%20kirk/spock/mccoy Tags haven’t been updated in a while so for more recent filled prompts, you’ll probably have to go through each round. Curious though, what about moresomes? In the new verse I’m more likely to ship Kirk/McCoy/Spock/Uhura and have written a few drabbles of that, trying to balance the dynamic of them all, heh.

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