Ah, God-damn it!



I was driving home from work when the rest of the plot for Winner Takes All fell into place and I went…

Holy fuck.

I need to get drunk. Seriously. Dead-drunk right along beside Bones and a large bottle of hard liquor. This story is breaking my K/S/M-loving heart!! D’:

It’s been hard enough to write something so loveless… and my brain was only slowly accepting the cold hard truth about this mirror!pairing until I finished Part Five and IT COULD NOT BE DENIED.

Is there possibly enough fluff and schmoopy-ness to fortify me right now?

Probably not.

Please excuse the flail of a writer in distress.

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  1. weepingnaiad

    It’s Mirror!Verse, it’s supposed to break our hearts, right? *whispers* Although I prefer it when they end up together because of love they will not admit rather than it being completely hopeless, but I’m sappy that way.

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