My First bigbang!



I signed up for bjt_bigbang, which rather makes me nervous. :D I’ve had this lovely storyline in my head for quite so time (meaning years); luckily, there will be several months in which to formulate, write, and refine it.

If I seem absent-minded some days, or my writing style goes all wonky, then you must forgive me, ST readers. Never fear, I do not plan to disappear or stop writing about our favorite trio. And please feel free to ignore my future griping posts, as I foresee many of them.


Be warned, bjt_bigbang, I am a terror of a writer. ;) I enjoy action, suspense and mystery in huge dollops. No BJT character will be safe!

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  1. lilbatfacedgirl

    So, you write stuff for fandoms other than Star Trek and still manage to put out a ST story a day ( or thereabouts). Good God, Woman, when do you sleep?!

    • writer_klmeri

      Er, I don’t? No, I sleep. Honest to God! :) I have certain parts of the day in which I write; sleeping, eating – all those things have a proper schedule. Maybe that’s how I do it? Scheduling? Not sure. Also, you’ll notice that I do not post long chapters or stories. That is partly why I post every day or so, because I know that I can maintain writing 1.5K to 3K words per day without burning out. It’s like… exercise! :) For my brain.

  2. weepingnaiad

    Well, best of luck on the bigbang! I’ve never heard of that fandom before, but I’ll still be quite happy to cheerlead (as mine’s not done yet and it’s already over 52k, it could be awhile with the edits, etc, still to come).

      • weepingnaiad

        Since… May? I think… or the beginning of June. Summer was a bad time for me and my co-writer and it’s taken awhile to get back into the groove to get the thing finished. Life’s just really busy! I’m sure you’ll be fine. I think the hardest part is coming up with a story outline that is long enough (without being epic). I don’t doubt you’ll do well.

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