RL Sux. Aargh.



Sorry, just had to type that. We all know that RL sucks big-time some days. I’m having one of those “disaster at every turn” night-morning-afternoon thingies. *le sigh*

Subsequently, I cannot find a minute to write nor to plan to write. >_> Does anyone have a great idea on making the world stand still for just a moment so that I can re-orient myself?

And no, minus the Alcohol-, Drug-, or Sugar-induced stupors, please. Majorly bad for the SANE writing muse.

Also, I suddenly seem uninspired for Part Two of my bjt_bigbang fic. I know what I want to happen, essentially, but the characters won’t attend the show. I’ve tried coercion, wheedling, and downright on-my-knees begging. Apparently if you threaten to write them into a crack fic, they don’t believe you.

Speaking of, does anyone think that Playtime is bordering on crack? It was originally planned in this direction, but somewhere along the line my brain went “Okay, not realistic. Re-write.” Then Teacher Pike completely stole the show (even from Jimmy) and demanded to be a well-rounded, lovable character. Go figure.

I’m gonna shut up now. Perhaps we should be grateful that I’m not at the weepy writer’s block stage yet. Small favors, my friends. Small favors.

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  1. dark_kaomi

    It’s cracky yet not. More AU than anything. I think the characters are trying to tell you there’s something specific they want from you but you haven’t found it yet. Try working with some different plots and see what jumps out at you first. As for the big bang, your muse is probably telling you take a break, just for a little bit. Work on some other stuff for a while then come back. If you feel it goes too long, force it until it flows then go back and change the earlier bits so it sounds better.

    • writer_klmeri

      Thank you for the good advice. :) Some of the Playtime characters aren’t subtle at all. Like Jimmy. I think the kid is set on wooing his teacher into his closet for keeps. ;) And I also knew what Pike was longing for from the Prologue – even if he didn’t then. Hmmm… Jon’s new. But Jon is… yeah, I know what Jon wants too. LOL! Okay, maybe there is something to write after all. :D I can’t decide whether the big bang being due next year is a good or bad thing. On one hand, I can have ample time to plan and write. On the other, too much time may mean that I try to write something too involved because I think I can.

      • dark_kaomi

        Cool thing about writing is you can always change it; it’s never really done until you say it is. So don’t worry about being long and complicated. You can always change it at a later date.

  2. weepingnaiad

    I don’t think Playtime is crack. It’s adorable and I rec’d it. As for the muses? I’m not one to listen to. They lead me around by the nose. Oh, have you heard of ? It’s a Jim and Bones advent comm. Prompts are up (but you don’t have to claim one of the prompts, but you DO have to declare ‘intent’ so that you’ll be expected for date claiming on the 15th) and you should check it out!

      • weepingnaiad

        It’s my evol plan to have everyone working on as many simultaneous projects as I am! And, it’s to make sure that here are lots more fics out there! (Feels like it’s been a glut of Kirk/Spock lately and I just can’t read Kirk/Spock. They’re not complete without Bones!)

        • writer_klmeri

          I’m with you on the Kirk/Spock. It has to be super-fabulous to work without McCoy. I have a better time accepting Jim/Bones – but then my brain will make up a scene like this (as compensation): Bones runs into Spock (maybe a stare-down ensues), mutters “hobgoblin” under his breath. Cue Jim who eyes first Bones then Spock and starts plotting in that devious brain of his. The rest is history. :)

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