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I had this crazy dream that would make a great novel – Oprah Book Club style. It would be haunting, surreal, heart-wrenching and all the things that I love! Except that now my brain is going hazy and I can bearly recall the details. Ugh. Must write down. :)

In other words, I think my mind is trying to tell me that it is still functioning on a writing-level. That’s good, right? With this said, I think I’ll attempt to write something pleasant today or tomorrow. Wish me luck!

PS: Does anyone else miss K/S/M? Because I surely do.

PSS: Upsetting work schedules always make me want to post more. Silly me!

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  1. weepingnaiad

    I do miss K/S/M… and one day, I’d actually like to try writing them. But that’s not this day… or even the next few months. Too many writing projects that are owed! I’m glad to hear that your muses have not been silenced by a tough job!

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