Big Bang Update & Cheerleader w/ a Whip?



This weekend I must finish the third chapter of my bjt_bigbang fic! An ABSOLUTE MUST.

Every time I settle into writing, something or someone is determined to distract me… and then if I do manage to write, the characters want to play around in useless (though entertaining) scenes. I feel like a director screaming “ACTION!” on the set but the actors are still huddled around the snack table eating doughnuts.

DAMN YOU, make some drama!!

Argh. Oh, but I can tell you the title: The Rogue of Ciraea.

At least the script has gotten that far. :P

So basically, if I start complaining, whining, or wallowing with whimpers – please feel free to kick my sorry ass into gear. Would someone be willing to check up on me and ask about my progress? I am at 24K, and the goal is to reach, erm, close to 30K. That should finish out Chapter Three.

It will help immensely if I feel… obliged not to let someone down. :D

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