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For any questions and/or comments about the storyline, wacked-out author, or general brain melt-down this fic causes… please post below. :)

It’s better than receiving the message “WTF…i’m confuzzed” a dozen times or so.

Now on to the rant post…

It’s been almost ten years since my last fanfic, so my brain is still coping from the after-shock.

This Untitled story is meant to be OUT THERE, if you catch my drift. I write the sensation, and not necessarily the explanation. My great love for fairy tales (gwenetta_92, you picked up on this!) comes into play in this fic—particularly since I am more keen on the original dark fantasy versions. I love mystery and hauntingly lovely images; I love a good angsty storyline too. :)

No amount of planning and outlining can predict where the story will go. I start with a bare-bones premise of a distraught, ill Leonard and end up with a positively nutso storyline about “the sea and the witch” and fish!McCoy. (It does not compute, Spock, I know.) The details just show up–sometimes I am not privy to the why’s, wherefore’s, and what’s-gonna-happen until I read it as I type. Simply put, my brain gets hijacked and I am therefore not responsible for the outcome!

Just kidding. Read on a little ways and you’ll find out who mind-controls me.

McCoy is hands-down my favorite character. If I could make TOS!McCoy and Nu!McCoy procreate together, the fandom would be joyous. They both have such intriguing characteristics. The TOS representation is the Southern charmer with the hundred-watt grin and a hard-won wisdom; he’s also very much a private, loving man at heart. Nu!McCoy is freshly divorced, a little bit bitter and brittle but still Leonard McCoy—humanitarian—under his gruffness.

I want the McCoy who bounces on balls of his feet when he’s excited (or agitated); and I want the McCoy who snarks like no other man.

How can I put my favorite character through the ringer, you ask?

Simple… my OT3 kink demands it.

Has anyone seen the TV commercials sponsored by freecreditscore.com? Where your credit score (a three-digit number) is represented as a very bad pet that pees on the carpet, or as a stray hunted down by the dog credit catcher?

Well, imagine the word OT3 doing something similar… and I say “Bad OT3! Bad OT3!” That’s what my muse looks like. Srsly. :P

It likes to cause trouble for my ‘ship on a regular basis, and poor Bonesy gets the raw end of the deal most of the time. I want Jim and Spock to fight for him—and fight hard. He’s deserving of all the love and devotion the Captain and First Officer can give him. Because, let’s face it, McCoy more often than not is a side-kick to these two. Captain Kirk jumps in to save the day (and show off his crazy hand-to-hand combat) and Spock actually saves day (ahaha, sorry couldn’t help that one) with his confounding logic and mad-mathematical skills.

McCoy gets to argue, question, and quip. He’s a brilliant but under-written man.

Therefore I torture him. Illogical, isn’t it?

In short, I had an absolutely wonderful time un-earthing Untitled from my head (to yours).

And if it made you think even a little, then I accomplished my goal.

Does McCoy ever realize that Ceri’a was the only one with the ability to “foresee” (like those four dreams she shoves in his brain, only one of which will actually happen as is presented)? He just got screwed with–he ain’t a psychic. :D Oops. Is it bad that the author herself can’t answer this question?

So, you see, think but not too hard. Not all the answers are there–making up your own theories is much, much better. And author-recommended.

KLMeri, out.

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