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Let me begin by saying that after much debate, I removed this section from the Untitled Notes and gave it a home of its own. After all, I will continue to use a particular sort of writing style for most of my fiction.

I understand sentence structure much more thoroughly than I portray. Shocking, I know. There was something about Untitled in particular that called for art rather than diagramming. I wrote with a mind focused on physical aesthetics and emotion: dashes, italics, commas, parentheses, and run-on sentences.

1) The parentheses are the windows on the surface of the story. Usually it’s up to the reader to infer the details (or emotion) going on below; but on occasion I will show it to you. Parentheses highlight a detail: the phrase of a person, an emotion, a background setting, or just a piece of sentence which my brain notes. The key word here is that it highlights. The wording may fit very relevantly into the sentence, but I may preclude it in parentheses anyway.

2) Italics often indicate stress, thoughts, sounds, or even take the place of parentheses in the middle of a quote–though, I’ve been known to do that too. :)

3) Dashes are a little trait I picked up from Anne Bishop’s writing. She makes generous use of them, and considering that I have read EVERY book she has written… Yeah, even my thoughts are dashed.

Sometimes one must forego the organized calm for the kamikaze and surreal. Distracting as Hell, but also a creative necessity to appease the OT3 mongrel muse.

If you feel that your brain is working too hard to intrepret this grammatical mumbo-jumbo, then I am very sorry that it hurts you. In this case, stop reading or skip to the action. I rarely mess with heavy action scenes.

At this point, I have found a comfortable niche with this writing style. In other words, do not expect me to desist anytime soon. My brain speaks in riddles, yes, but only the fascinating kind.

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