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This journal has 155+ fic posts. Looking for something to read can range from tedious to WTH I can’t find anything!

Here is a simple chart created as an addendum to my Star Trek master fic list. It gives you a quick overview of important categories (pairing, genre, universe, etc) without the hassle of clicking a million different links.

Determine what you might want to read (i.e. if it’s marked “angst” and you don’t want to cry, that would be a fic to skip!). Then go back to the fic list, choose the title of the story, and you will be directed to the proper link.

Suggestions welcome. Enjoy!


Category Description
K/S/M Main romantic pairing is established or eventual Kirk/Spock/McCoy
K/M Main romantic pairing is established or eventual Kirk/McCoy
No Pairing Plot of fic is not concerned with romantic pairings – considered the “general” genre
AOS Based in fandom of Alternate Original Series, AKA the Reboot/STXI Star Trek
TOS Based in fandom of The Original Series of Star Trek
Xover Crossover – Fic is a “merger” of two different fandoms (one of which is non-Star Trek); usually crossover-ed with Doom or Supernatural
Angst Plot to make you cry; possible character death
Humor Plot (or no plot) to make you laugh; possible crack!fic
MU Mirrorverse; uses “mirror” universe concept first shown in TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror”
AU Alternate Universe – refers to “world” setting vastly different than a deviation of Starfleet operating in space. Ex. Spock is an art thief being chased by police officer Kirk and P.I. McCoy! XD
Pre/Sequel Fic is prequel or sequel to another fic on list
Multi-chaptered Fic is written in multiple parts (or chapters)


Title Pairing Universe Multi-chaptered Genre Desc Pre/Sequel
The Right-Hand Man K/S/M TOS Yes
Friend or Foe K/S/M TOS Yes Yes
Come Hither and Welcome K/S/M TOS Yes
What We Feel K/S/M TOS Yes
Once Gone, Never Again K/S/M AOS Angst
Then, Now, Always K/S/M TOS
Stirring in the Dark K/S/M TOS
Priorities K/S/M TOS
For the Sake of Nothing K/S/M AOS Yes AU
Along Comes a Stranger K/S/M AOS Yes AU
Many Bells Down K/S/M AOS Yes AU Yes
Sticks and Stones K/S/M AOS Yes AU Yes
The Anniversary K/S/M AOS AU Yes
Pants are for Wearing K/S/M AOS Humor
Partners Are Good (for Something) K/S/M AOS Humor
Untitled K/S/M AOS Yes
Mark of the Beast K/S/M AOS Yes
Oh So Stubborn K/S/M AOS
And Dancing Equations in Your Head K/S/M AOS Humor
1-2-3, Old Like You and Me K/S/M AOS
What’s Yours is Mine K/S/M AOS
The Easy Choice K/S/M AOS
The Routine of Dreams K/S/M AOS
Hearts Three and None to Spare K/S/M AOS
Without Fanfare K/S/M AOS Angst
A Household Full K/S/M AOS
Bend Your Mind K/S/M AOS Fanmix
The Light Goes Out K/S/M AOS Angst
His World Collapsed K/S/M AOS Angst
To Lose, Lie, and Love K/S/M AOS
The Unhappy Holiday K/S/M AOS Angst
Barest Bits K/S/M AOS
What Could Be Possible K/S/M AOS
A Surprise Visit K/S/M TOS
Companions for the Walk (Alone) K/S/M AOS
A Comfort to Share None TOS
A World of Crazy K/S/M AOS Yes AU
Never Lost Just Found K/S/M AOS Yes AU Yes
Patient’s Name K/S/M AOS Yes AU Yes
Winner Takes All K/S/M TOS Yes MU
I Bake for You K/S/M AOS Yes
Of House Guests and Winter Twins K/M AOS Yes AU
Cookies and Cakes Oh My! K/M AOS
That Something K/M AOS
A Rose By Any Other Name K/M AOS
Just Another End K/M AOS Angst
Sobriety K/M AOS
A Haunting Error None TOS Yes
The Odds Are Better Together None TOS/AOS Yes
When the Hour Strikes None TOS Yes
Offerings on the Vine None TOS Yes Humor
The Wrong Kind of Work None TOS Yes Humor
The Man Who Never Was None TOS Yes
The Desert Children None TOS Yes
The Oak Queen None TOS Yes Yes
The Making of a Triumvirate None TOS
The Return of Vulcan None TOS MU
It Could Happen to You None TOS Humor
No Escaping the Doctor None TOS
The Trouble with COs None TOS Humor
Color Me a Vulcan None TOS Humor
Another Long Night None TOS
Waking Up None TOS Angst
Its Name is Destiny None TOS
Always on the Run None TOS
L’Horreur None TOS
Riddles and Rhymes None TOS Humor
Somebody Always Dies None TOS Angst
A Walk Among Roses None TOS
A Suitable Cause None TOS Humor
For the Greater Good None TOS
An Acknowleged Absence None TOS
Her Boy None AOS AU Yes
Playtime None AOS Yes AU Humor
The Good Life None AOS Yes AU Humor Yes
Ready, Set, RUN! None AOS Yes AU Humor Yes
Of Sacraments and War None AOS Yes Xover
The Boy and the Sea Dragon None AOS Yes
The Man and the Memory None AOS Yes Yes
The Elder and the Young None AOS Yes Yes
The Glory of the Sands None AOS Yes AU
Counting None AOS
A Fragile Hope None AOS
Clash of the Titans None AOS Xover
Things He Knows None AOS AU
The Skiff, The Skiff II None AOS Yes
Sexiest Human in the Alpha Quadrant None AOS Humor
The Ensign and His Red Shirt None AOS Humor
When Mischief is Afoot None TOS Yes
Rest in Peace None TOS
The Holiday Waywards K/M AOS Yes AU Humor
Wishing Our Troubles Away K/S/M AOS Yes
The First Officer None TOS
Five Plus One is Six K/S/M AOS
Happiness is Our Choice K/S/M AOS
I Follow None AOS Yes
Win or Lose None AOS Yes
A Holiday Letter K/M AOS AU Yes
Forget Me Not K/S/M TOS Yes Angst
The Woman and the House None AOS
A Matter of Size None TOS Humor
From One Good Friend to Another None TOS
The Trouble with Jim None TOS
Plus One K/S/M AOS
This is Not Holiday K/M AOS Yes AU Yes
All for One K/S/M AOS
We, the Wallflowers None TOS
Never Had It Right None TOS
All Fall Down K/S/M AOS
A Moment’s Peace K/S/M AOS
Take Us Out None TOS Yes
Fair and Fine K/S/M AOS Yes
Above Ground None AOS
If I Had to Keep You K/M AOS Yes
Marry If You Must K/S/M AOS
Fun Comes In All Forms K/S/M AOS
The White Horse None AOS Yes AU
The Arrangement K/S/M AOS
In Need of a Friend None TOS
Ask and Receive K/S/M AOS
The Deepest Sympathy None AOS Angst
All His Yesterdays None AOS Yes AU
For Holiday’s Sake K/M AOS Yes
Council of Three K/S/M AOS Yes
An Evening of Us K/S/M TOS
You Have My Heart K/M AOS Yes
Tribulations K/S/M TOS
A Plan in Motion K/S/M AOS Yes Humor
Confessions of a Southern Gentleman K/S/M AOS Yes
A Quarter South K/S/M AOS Yes AU
All We Can Offer K/S/M TOS
We Might Be In This Together K/M AOS
Under the Influence None AOS Humor
Friendly Conspiracy None AOS Yes Humor
Never Liked That One K/S/M TOS
The Express None AOS AU
Recapture K/S/M TOS Yes
Midnight Madness None AOS
Man-Sized None AOS Humor
Bump in the Night K/S/M AOS Yes
An Idiot’s Guide to Christmas None AOS AU Humor
A Boy and His Fish None AOS AU Yes
Lucky in Love on the Starship Enterprise K/S/M AOS Yes Humor
No Sad Captains Allowed K/S/M TOS
Drink One For Me K/S/M TOS Yes
To the Heart (Through the Stomach) K/S/M AOS
Inside Rather Than Out K/S/M AOS
Wills and Ways K/S/M AOS
Younger Than Stars K/S/M TOS Yes
Family Outlives the Season K/S/M AOS Yes Humor
Goodbye, Holidays K/M AOS Yes AU Angst Yes


Title Pairing Universe Multi-chaptered Genre Desc Pre/Sequel
A Series of Laughs
He’s dead, Jim None TOS Humor
Redshirt Helpline None TOS Humor
wild animals None AOS Yes
invisibility None TOS
elopement None TOS Humor
mirrorverse, super secret abilities None TOS MU
fan mail, paranoia None TOS Humor
off with the fairies None TOS
cowboys, BAMFery None TOS
talking like a thesarus None AOS AU
J ‘N B Series
Another Day, Another Dollar (1-4) K/M AOS Yes AU
Fight the Good Fight K/M AOS AU
Don’t Touch the Rock K/M AOS
A Tear Worth Gold K/M AOS AU
Pirates Read, Too K/M AOS AU
Today’s Topic – Helmets! K/M AOS Humor
The Case of the Mondays (1-9) K/M AOS Yes AU
Marked K/M AOS AU
Awesome Ideas Come From Awesome Brains K/M AOS Xover Humor
In the Keeping of a Spirit K/M AOS AU
Forewarned is Forearmed K/M AOS Humor
Serenade K/M AOS
Tied to You K/M AOS
The Amateur Pigeon-Catcher (1-3) K/M AOS Yes AU
The Art of Beginnings K/M AOS AU
Two Birds of a Feather K/M AOS Humor
The Beautiful Bay K/M AOS AU
The Man in the Shed K/M AOS AU
Bad Business K/M AOS AU
A Fortunate Friend K/M AOS AU
Blind to Love K/M AOS AU
The Westerner K/M AOS AU
A Plot Above All Others K/M AOS AU
We Fight to Win K/M AOS AU
An Intergalactic Fandom K/M AOS Humor
Playing Life to Win K/M AOS AU
The Light in Which We’re Cast K/M AOS AU
The Drabble Bin
Those Neighborhood Hoodlums K/M AOS AU
Of Perky Starfleet Bottoms None AOS Humor
Trapped None TOS
A Cage of His Own S/M AOS AU Angst
The Old Four None TOS
An Hour Past None AOS AU
War of the Bots None TOS Humor
The Best Substitute None TOS
Surprise Meeting K/M AOS AU
Little Help None TOS
Dreaming None AOS AU
The Tower None AOS
Brother None AOS
It’s Complicated K/S/M TOS Angst
With Close Friends K/S/M TOS
Not As It Seems None AOS AU
Vulcans Can Be Grumpy Too None TOS
Upsetting the CMO None TOS


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