Show Me the Money (or Not) (#21, The Drabble Bin)



Title: Show Me the Money (or Not) (#21, The Drabble Bin)
Author: klmeri
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Pairing: Kirk/Spock/McCoy
Summary: AU. What Kirk wants, Kirk is determined to get: his desire being Spock and McCoy.
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A/N: In the process of digging up a few discarded writings and polishing them off, I came across this little gem. Enjoy.

“Don’t turn around,” Leonard McCoy warns. “He’s making doe eyes at us again.”

But of course Spock, who has more curiosity than a roomful of puppies, also has less sense than those puppies combined when it comes to anything involving relationships. Leonard covers his eyes as Jim Kirk takes Spock’s frank stare across the cafe as an invitation, that infamous charmer’s smile now fully pinning them. McCoy knows from experience telling Kirk to get lost will only make the man more eager to stay.

As he approaches, Kirk hooks a hand under a chair. He drags it up to their corner table, flipping the chair around so that he can straddle it backwards. “Good morning, Spock” is the man’s initial greeting. Then his warm gaze transfers from Spock to McCoy, his voice turning to a caress. “Bones.

“Not a good morning,” mutters Leonard, holding up his extra-large coffee cup like a shield.

“Why?” Kirk wants to know.

“Because you’re here.”

Kirk’s gaze becomes hooded, the look as sensual as it is calculating. “What if I have a way of making your morning better?”

“By leaving?” he snarks.

“Leonard,” interrupts Spock, “enough. Do not misunderstand, Jim. We are not displeased by your company.”

Damn it. Leonard has warned Spock plenty of times about the dangers of hinting to Kirk that his interest might be returned. The noodle-headed man! Although, Spock would probably argue Leonard is the one who was smitten with Jim first.

Doing his level best to keep his expression disengaging, he not-so-subtly nudges his dark-haired companion with his elbow. Spock ignores the nudge.

“If you aren’t displeased,” Jim asks them in his richly smooth voice, “then why haven’t you accepted my offer?”

Leonard swallows a sigh. Haven’t they already made their position clear a dozen times? “We’re poor schleps—and you’re not.”

“So?” Kirk counters, leaning hard against the arm he has braced against the chair’s back. He purrs, “I’ll take care of you.”

“No disrespect, but having you spend lavish amounts of money on us makes us uncomfortable.”

Jim looks to Spock, who inclines his head ever-so-slightly in confirmation.

Kirk sits back. Huffs. “Fine.”

Spock blinks, as does Leonard. That was too easy.

Jim grins at them, then. “I’ll be a poor man.”

Leonard wants to slap his forehead—or Jim’s. Oh yes, he’s going to smack Jim.

Jim angles his body out of reach, as though reading the other man’s mind.

Spock tilts his head. “What is your plan?”

With a gasp, McCoy rounds on his boyfriend. “Spock.

Spock glances at Leonard, a gleam in his dark eyes. “It is only polite that we should hear this new offer.”

“I’m with Spock on this, Bones. Give me a chance,” says Jim, a lightness to his voice that amplifies the laughter in his eyes.

No, no, and no. But Leonard is still a smitten fool. He can tell Kirk is earnest, and obviously Spock is determined to assist Jim in finding a solution that can make all three of them happy.

Will he be terribly upset if the plan is a good one?

Definitely not.

“All right,” he hazards, “I’ll listen.”

The happiness lighting up Kirk’s face is more blinding than any charming smile Jim can conjure up. Leonard melts a little, scooting forward in his chair in anticipation despite his misgivings. Spock’s hand finds the middle of his back, resting there like warm approval.

And Jim Kirk—ridiculously wealthy, suave, stubborn Kirk—sets about wooing the couple one more time.


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