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I literally ran out of space on my master post for my fics. Something about LJ busting at the seams to contain all 92 of my Star Trek fics and their many, many parts. So the Black Jewels fandom gets its own master fic list!

Black Jewels fics

Title: Untitled
Fandom: Black Jewels
Characters: Lucivar, Daemon, Saetan
Summary: A small drabble; brotherly-ness ensues.

Title: Untitled #2
Fandom: Black Jewels
Characters: Saetan, Daemon, Draca, OC
Summary: I HAD to write this. The muse demanded that our two beloved uptight Warlord Princes get knocked on their asses by a Jaenelle-like male. It totally made my day to imagine their expressions.

Title: The Rogue of Ciraea
Fandom: Black Jewels
Characters: SaDiablo family, OCs
Summary: bjt_bigbang fic; The small Dhemlan province of Ciraea harbors a band of rogues in revolt against the Province Queen. When events begin to spiral out of control, the Warlord Prince of Dhemlan must step in to assess and handle the situation—which will be unfortunate for someone because the Warlord Prince of Dhemlan is none other than Terreille’s Sadist, Prince Daemon Sadi.
Fic, Fanart, Fanmix: masterpost

Title: A First Scar
Fandom: Black Jewels
Characters: Daemonar
Summary: Drabble. An important but heartbreaking moment in Daemonar’s life.

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  1. natashasolten

    Strangely, I love these books. I read the trilogy at a point when there was nothing else by this author. Then she came out with more. I think I read two more in the Black Jewels universe, one called “The Ring of” something or other and one that was mostly Daemon and Jaenelle and was more like a romance novel, and then I read a non-black jewels one in some kind of witch/unseelie universe (ah, my memory has holes!) But the original black jewels trilogy is the best. Are there more in the black jewels universe? Do you have favorites or recs? Because I lost track of this author years ago and I might like to pick her up again now.

    • writer_klmeri

      All I have to say is thank god you cannot hear me screaming. I LOVE ANNE BISHOP. Anne is my favorite author, hands down. This series is my favorite book series, hands down. I have all of the books and, yes, being the absolute obsessive fan that I am, I will gladly list them for you at the end of this comment. I have all the paperbacks, hardbacks, audio books, and ebooks. Anytime, anywhere I can pick up any story from the Black Jewels series and it’s like coming home. Just today at lunchtime I re-read a scene from the second book in the trilogy to keep the stress of my RL at bay. Anne originally wrote Daughter of the Blood, the first book in what is dubbed The Black Jewels Trilogy in 1998. It took a couple of years but she finished the trilogy and won an award for it. Afterwards she wrote a ‘prequel’ called The Invisible Ring and a stand-alone short story called By the Time the Witchblood Blooms. It wasn’t until 2005, after finishing another series in a different world (again, a trilogy – the one you mentioned), that Anne came back and wrote the sequel to the trilogy, Dreams Made Flesh. This was long-awaited by the fans because we got to see what happened to Daemon and Jaenelle. This is actually an anthology, which only makes it better, that gives us a background story for Saetan and one for Lucivar. Dreams Made Flesh is my favorite book out of the series. Anyway, thereafter Anne signed a three-year contract and continued to write what then became dubbed the Black Jewels world. The year before last (2010) she finished out this series with another anthology called Twilight’s Dawn. The last story shows what happens to Daemon after Jaenelle’s death. I won’t spoil anything for you, so I won’t say more than that. In chronological order: The Invisible Ring Daughter of the Blood Heir to the Shadows Queen of the Darkness Dreams Made Flesh (anthology) Tangled Webs The Shadow Queen Shalador’s Lady Twilight’s Dawn (anthology) Anne is a romance novelist at heart. The trilogy is (obviously) a love story between Daemon and Jaenelle. After the Purge, at the end of the trilogy, Anne wrote a duology set in Terreille (The Shadow Queen and Shalador’s Lady). If you enjoy the way she writes her romance, you will like this duology. So if I had to recommend books to someone who doesn’t want to go through the entire universe, I would say read “The Prince of Ebon Rih” from Dreams Made Flesh and the duology I mentioned above. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine not wanting to know all there is to this ‘verse, so in my heart of hearts I would say READ IT ALL. XD

      • natashasolten

        Thank you for you responses. I am going to re-discover this writer. It’s been a long time since I read her books. I read the first in the trilogy when it first came out. It was given to me as a freebie at Comicon and the guy at the publisher table said “I think you’ll love it.” How did he know my tastes just by looking at me? I don’t even wear fannish stuff. Maybe it was because I was AT Comicon to begin with? Or maybe he could just surmise I like dark-edged stuff, psychological horror, empathy for the anti-hero, and I often like it perversely mixed with romance. I have a Kindle now and I think I’m going to buy this whole series all over again for my Kindle. Thank you again for your recs and list.

  2. natashasolten

    Ok, I looked it up myself on Amazon. The other BJ books I read were Invisible Ring and Dreams Made Flesh. I’ve read no others in that universe except for the original trilogy which was the best of all. Tangled Webs looks interesting as well as Twilight’s Dawn, because I really am not interested in books without Daemon, Lucivar and Jaenelle and those two look like they at least have them around. The other novels look like they deal with other characters I don’t really care about. Did I get it right?

    • writer_klmeri

      Anne couldn’t NOT include the SaDiablo family in any of her later works, even when she tried. So the duology I mentioned in my other comment is still partly about the SaDiablo family. To be honest, she progressively drops hints as you read through each book that lead you/prepare you for the stories of the next one. Tangled Webs is a purely SaDiablo family book but it isn’t as strong as the trilogy. Twilight’s Dawn is the last book and it sort of feels unfinished. I didn’t exactly agree with the route she choose for Daemon in its final short story, but I can wholeheartedly recommend “Shades of Honor” from that book. If you want pure fluff, also read the short story “Winsol Gifts”. The weakest story is “Family”. I didn’t like that one much.

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