A BJT Drabble



Title: Untitled, a small drabble
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Characters: Lucivar, Daemon, Saetan
Disclaimer: I own my imagination; though, unfortunately, not the characters. :(

Never turn your back on an Eyrien, especially an Ebon-Gray Jewelled, Eyrien Warlord Prince with a volatile nature and ready-for-trouble gleam in his eyes. Daemon was so comfortable at present, he forgot that small fact.

There was little warning before Lucivar hooked his brother by the neck and began roughly mussing his hair. Daemon made a yelp which soon became a series of snarls and futile struggling.

Lucivar released him, and Daemon staggered. He looked completely startled and a bit wild. Lucivar seemed almost innocently calm—except for the smugness in his psychic scent. Daemon’s gold eyes became fierce, and Lucivar only had a moment to twitch his wings open before he was hit full-force by a grown man.

Several minutes later, a small parlor in Witch’s private sector of the Keep was in shambles. Two Warlord Princes tussled across the floor like adolescent boys.

“STOP!” The roar surprised Daemon enough that his punch missed Lucivar’s head. Lucivar paused in his attempt to grind his brother into the floor.

“What in the name of Hell…! Why are you fighting?” demanded their father.

Saetan eyed the wreckage—discerned what must have been a blackwood table and scraps of fabric from a wing-back chair—and decided he would not be the one to explain this to Draca.

He pinned his two sons with a look.

“Lucivar started it,” Daemon muttered, rubbing a bite mark on his arm.

“He looked too pristine,” Lucivar said, drawing out the last word. The corners of his mouth were already curving arrogantly. “Uncle Andulvar explained that it was his responsibility to rough you up, Father, when you were feeling too high and mighty. He said Daemon would probably need the same treatment.”

Lucivar sprang to his feet, away from Daemon’s strangling hands. He carefully picked his way to the door, patting his father’s shoulder as he left.

Why did I want children? Saetan sighed and helped his heir up from the floor. “Boyo, if you are going to have an Eyrien male in your life, you have to put up with his eccentricities.”

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