Come Hither and Welcome (4/6)



Title: Come Hither and Welcome (4/6)
Author: klmeri
Fandom: Star Trek TOS
Pairing: Kirk/Spock/McCoy
Summary: When Bones retreats, Kirk and Spock follow—which leads to a mystery; and this particular Mystery’s name is Leonard McCoy.
Previous Parts: 1 | 2 | 3

Part Four

First, McCoy goes to his rooms for a quick glass of brandy and to strap some steel to his backbone. He doesn’t quite understand why he is so worried about talking with Jim and Spock. If they believe that he is hiding a terrible secret, then they will be disappointed. McCoy with a double life? The thought makes him chuckle (nervously).

No, indeed. Not Leonard. He likes to think that what you see is what you get. (He hopes so.)

The doctor opens his door and steps inside the main living area. The room is dark. He is reaching for the lights when a voice says in his ear “Hello, Bones.”

McCoy flings out an arm in surprise; it’s instinctive from Jim’s insistent training regime for all crew members. There is a resounding soft thud, followed by “Hey!”

The room brightens. Leonard stares at the scowling Jim. “Christ! Are you trying to put me in an early grave, Jim? Don’t do that.”

“Well, I wasn’t but now I’ll have to reconsider, Bones.”

McCoy pushes off of the doorframe on which he is slumped. He rolls his eyes. Then he takes a long look around the room. “Where’s Spock?”

“Spock wanted to wait for you in our rooms. Said you’d show up. I thought otherwise.”

Anger flairs inside McCoy, but he doesn’t give in to it yet. “I was, Jim. You were wrong.”

Jim’s eyes narrow. “Then why are you here?”

Leonard lets exasperation coat his voice. “Look, Captain, you may not think much of me right now, but I am not that cowardly.”

“So why come to Alabama in the first place?”

“Damn it, Jim! Stop goading me, or I’m going to take your bullshit pretty damned seriously in a second.”

Jim’s face darkens with temper. “My bullshit? MY bullshit! What about yours?”

That’s it. Those words snap something fragile inside McCoy. “Forget it. You think I’ve been lying to you all these years, Jim? Fine. Then you don’t know me—” He jabs a finger at his chest. “—as well as I thought you did.” His accent is very thick. He tries to push past Jim, but the man won’t budge an inch. So instead he gets right into Kirk’s face. “Move outta my way, Jim.

“No. You don’t get to run.”

“I’m not running, YOU BLASTED FOOL! I’m gonna find the saner part of us, ’cause he’s about the only person I can talk to right now without thinking of violence!” The irony doesn’t escape Len in the least.

Jim clenches his fists. “You married, McCoy?”

Leonard’s brain needs a minute to process Jim’s ridiculous question. “What?”

“You heard me. McCoy-DeMont. I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but when Tommy called you—”

The doctor laughs, but before Jim Kirk can say another foolish word, Leonard wraps a hand around the back of the man’s neck, yanks him forward, and kisses the hell out of him. When he breaks off for air, he says, “You’re crazy, Jimmy. Crazier than a coon-hound on a scent.”

Jim licks his lips and manages a small noise. Leonard pretends that it is acquiescence. So he rubs the cool metal of his Mama’s ring against the skin of Jim’s neck.

“I’ve only been married once in my life, Jim-boy, and I’ve only got one kid by blood. Tommy is Claire’s son but he ain’t mine.”


This gives Leonard pause. “That’s all you wanted to hear?”

Jim has come back to himself, obviously, because he has a small smile on his face. “Well, I would appreciate a little more detail, Bones, but another kiss will do for now. C’mere.” He loops an arm around McCoy’s waist so he cannot step back.

“Now wait just a minute, Jim, what about Sp—” The name is muffled by Jim’s ardor. Finally, he is able to say, “Alright, slow down. It’s the middle of the day and we’ve left the Vulcan by himself.”

“Oh, don’t worry about Spock. He’s outside in the hallway.”

McCoy stares at Jim. “You lied to me.”

“No, I never said he was in our rooms. I said he wanted to wait for you there.”

“So you talked him into a fool plan! Shoulda known. God, you’d think a Vulcan would have sense enough to say no.”

Jim continues on, ignoring Leonard’s blustering. “You’ve got a nice-sized bed in there.” Jim shows no shame in snooping like a decent man would, McCoy thinks. “Spock!” He shifts them, not releasing the doctor from the circle of his arms as he spins towards the door.

Spock enters. “My hearing is quite functional, Captain.”

“So Bones isn’t married.”


“Why you eavesdropping, overgrown elf!”

“Vulcans do not… eavesdrop, Doctor.”

“No, just blame it on your superior hearing. Damn it, Spock, can’t you get Jim off—”

“I see no logical reason to comply. Is he harming you?”

McCoy flushes. Spock knows that Leonard is too much of a gentleman to describe where Jim’s hands are currently wandering. The Vulcan is very amused, he can tell. (Just wait, you green-blooded hobgoblin. You’ll get yours.) “Jim, stop that or I won’t be explainin’ anything—” He includes Spock in his glare. “—to either of you!”

“We’ve got plenty of time, Bones. We’re on shore leave.”

Leonard would thank his sneaky Captain but that will only make the man more smug. “Fine.” He gives in. “Tomorrow, I’ll take ya’ll to St. Leonard’s.”

Jim actually goes still for a second. “What?”

“St. Leonard’s Hospital. I might as well show you my hospital.”

“You’ve got a hospital?”

McCoy enjoys a great sense of satisfaction. He grins and says, “I sure do.”

Spock’s “Fascinating” is only the icing on the cake.

This story is not an AU, as I originally contemplated creating when I saw St. Leonard’s Hospital on the streets of London (this was my inspiration); it still follows the main assumptions of TOS!McCoy. However, as Bones’ back-story is not entirely detailed, I am using artistic license to dabble with it. Our Doctor is such a generous soul that, if he had the means, I like to imagine that he would put it to good use. :)

Part Five

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  1. dark_kaomi

    Well that gave some answers but caused way more questions. What the hell is going on? Is Claire his cousin? Hmmmm.

    • writer_klmeri

      I just wanted to focus on the trio together in this piece. What the Hell is going on indeed!! :D Oh Bones, what are you up to?

  2. weepingnaiad

    Okay, so Leonard has money, lots of it, and is putting it to good use. He’s not married and he very much loves Jim and Spock. I feel a bit better, but I still get Jim being angry. I love that they’re both so hot headed. So them. Curious about all the rest, of course, but can wait… semi patiently. :D Oh, and you’ll notice… a TOS icon!

    • writer_klmeri

      Yes, I did notice!! And I like it. A LOT. :D Yes, this is how I see the dynamic. Bones is hot-headed but Spock remains cool–which just makes McCoy even more twitchy. However, Jim is just as apt to explosions, so unless Bones is purposefully trying to maintain control of himself, some serious sparks will fly. I bet it’s one of Spock’s arguments for Vulcan superiority. “For example, both of my Humans are emotionally volatile.” :)

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