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I mainly started writing because of the ksm_ot3 community. Ya’ll know I love K/S/M. I would check this comm frequently (daily) in hopes of finding new works, but it never happened as often as I wanted it to–which made me very sad. :( So I took to writing my own KSM, because if I was hurting for more fics, then surely there had to be others who love it just as much and crave it just as bad.

I wanted to give them a little cheer–and some K/S/M storylines to enjoy.

There are some wonderful, talented authors for this OT3. And I know that there is some untapped potential just lurking about too. How can I convince you that a little ficlet won’t disappoint?

Has anyone considered making a master post of all the K/S/M fics? Not just a rec, but a collection of every scrap available?

… Do I sound like an addict yet? XD

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  1. dark_kaomi

    Yes and I like it that way. You’re right, we needed more K/S/M fics and I am so glad you filled that. You’re actually making me want to write some myself which is huge cause I don’t write. Yes! We need an archive! I think someone was making one way back when ksm_ot3 was first made. Not sure it still works though.

    • writer_klmeri

      I’ve contemplated doing an archive myself, and I may just take on the attempt one of these days. You should definitely post something. Like I said, a drabble is fine. Surely you have little scenes in your head that the rest of us would enjoy too! :D

  2. weepingnaiad

    Have you read all the ShipWars offerings for Team McSpirk? They’re over at from the beginning of the year through May. I have trouble with Spock, so this isn’t something that I feel comfortable writing, unfortunately. But I promise to post anything here, if I manage an OT3 story!

    • writer_klmeri

      I have read all the Team McSpirk goodies. And the ksm_ot3, and the FF.Net, and any old ‘zine fics. It’s ridculous! And I still want more. I thought I’d have trouble with Spock too. There is a way around that by writing an introspective piece, perhaps, like The Making of a Triumvirate. You don’t actually have to have your characters speak. :) Well, you know you’ll have readers if you do ever post anything!

  3. romennim

    if you’re an addict, you’re surely in good company.. I thought the English (English as in the language of writing) fandom would satisfy a bit my need for them, but I think I was very wrong.. I too almost began to write to give others stories to read and also to read what I’d like to see happen to these amazing men, but I’d really like to read more from others, so I add myself to your plea :) as for a collection.. I thought about opening a site myself, but maybe it’s better to make a list of bookmarks, don’t you think? maybe we can do it together, like someone did for the kirkspock community

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