The Right-Hand Man (10/10)



Title: The Right-Hand Man (10/10)
Author: klmeri
Fandom: Star Trek TOS
Pairing: Kirk/Spock/McCoy (eventually)
Summary: Bones uncovers a deadly experiment which is killing a colony of innocents; it’s his mission to save them, so that’s what he’ll do… despite those out to stop him—permanently.
Previous Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Chapter Nine

A civilian cruiser is no match for a starship, no matter the amount of money it cost or the new technology it incorporates. Scotty will gladly tell any who asks about this; and as his favorite example, he talks of the time the Enterprise ‘ran pearl all over that shiny dandy’s toy.’ What he means is this: the Enterprise catches up to Weston with little effort and grasps the cruiser by tractor beam before communications even begin.

“What authority do you have to bring me in?” demands a hard-eyed man.

McCoy stands off screen, as ordered by his captain.

Jim smiles very lazily. “I am Admiral James T. Kirk, currently in command of the Enterprise.”

“Kirk… Ah, yes, a wonder-boy in a pair of political trainees. My congratulations, Admiral.

“Why, you—” Sulu puts a hand on Chekov, who has a black Russian scowl on his face. “Let him come over and say that about the Keptin!”

“It’s alright, Chekov. This man knows we have him cornered. He’s got nowhere to run and a long list of charges to face.” Kirk faces the criminal from his Captain’s chair, jaw like iron and eyes slit. “I’m placing you under arrest for murder. Be prepared to be boarded.”

He cuts communication and turns to Spock. “How many life-signs aboard the vessel?”

“Four, Captain.”

“Alright. Phasers on heavy-stun. Let’s go.”

Spock, Chekov, and Kirk return with a Mr. Weston and three silent crewmen in tow. They are escorted down to the brig and placed in a cell beside Gord, who cringes at the sight of his boss.

“I’d rather you allowed me to sit with my comrade.” Weston says.

Kirk snorts. “Really? And have you snap the neck of the only man that will willingly testify against you? Think again.” The brig locks.

McCoy rounds the corner, and Jim steps aside for him yet keeps close as McCoy approaches the brig.

Leonard says nothing, just looks at the men responsible for the death of his friends (for sweet Joy) and a thousand Kausians. When he does speak, he has one question: “Can it be cured?”

Weston observes the doctor, his hands locked on a crossed knee. “I am unable to answer that. Sorry.” In other words, he refuses.

McCoy’s fist clenches.

Gord is sitting down, his head in his hands, shame lining his shoulders. But he lifts his head now, to speak quietly from the next cell. “I know where the final testing of the plague is being performed. If there is a cure, it will be in that facility. If not, I am sure there is enough data to help you find it.”

“Thank you.”

As McCoy leaves, he meets another man’s eyes, his frozen, for a moment. Then he goes. Kirk follows.

Out in the hallway, Jim asks, “You recognize any of the others?”

“Yes,” McCoy replies somewhat tersely. “The dark-haired one. He’s the fellow to watch out for—he’s a killer, Jim. Make no mistake about it.”

“I thought there was something off about him. Spock nerve-pinched him.” He doesn’t say when he tried to shoot me with a hidden phaser.

“He has no heart, I’ll bet you. Just a cold merciless killer.”

They stare at each other for a minute.



It brings out a chuckle in each man. McCoy sobers first, says, “You’d better get back to the bridge, Jim.” His smile is sad. “Enjoy it while you can.”

“And you?”

“I’m going to hang out with Scotty. See if he needs a pair of extra hands—even a doctor’s hands.”

They part ways.


Jim finally takes a call from Starfleet Command, who has been comm-ing them for hours on end in his ready-room.

“Kirk!” It’s Johnson of all people that appears on the screen. “Kirk, you’ve done it now! You’ll be court-marshaled—you’ll lose everything—”

Another admiral gently removes Johnson from view. “Admiral Kirk, you have an explanation for your actions. Let’s hope it is a very good one.”

“How long do you have?”

“Excuse me?”

“I asked how long you have, Admiral, to listen because the tale is quite long.”

“Then give me the highlights.”

“Alright,” Kirk begins. “We’ve captured the killers who not only took the lives of the Kaus V Starfleet personnel but began the plague on Kaus V in first place.”

The man is silent then. He clears his throat. “In custody, you say? All of them.”

“Not, not all of them, but we do have sufficient evidence and testimony from a Commodore Gord—who was a part of the operation. You might want to keep this hush-hush, you understand, because I imagine that some very important officials are going to be implicated.” Jim pauses. “Much like yourself.”

The Admiral’s face goes red, and he almost stammers. “N-No! I was completely unaware—”

Kirk grins wolfishly. “Of course, I believe you. But regardless of who’s party to such heinous crimes against the Federation—” The Admiral on the screen is looking woozy. “—I am merely informing you—out of duty—that we will be in dock soon. Have a good day, Admiral.”

Spock enters the ready-room as he closes the comm-link.

“Jim, do you know of Doctor McCoy’s whereabouts?”

“Hmm? Oh, yes—engineering.”


“Then, actually, no I don’t.” Jim joins Spock at the door. “But I bet we can find him.”


Leonard is star-gazing—crazy as it seems. They find him on the observation deck (Not quite engineering, Bones), one hand clasping a spoke of the giant wheel and his face absolutely blank.

“Bones?” Jim touches his shoulder lightly.

McCoy starts. “Jim? Spock? Sorry, I guess I was just lost in thought.”

Jim cocks a hip against the wheel; Spock circles around to stand between McCoy and the pane of stars—placing Leonard in the middle.

Jim wants to know, “What were you thinking?”

“Oh, I don’t know, Jim. Just reliving being on this ship, out in space again, I suppose.”

“Are you saying that you miss it?”

McCoy snorts, crosses his arms. “There are some things I definitely don’t miss. Like the hostile species that always tried to kill us, or the big mess of trouble that seemed to follow you around, Jim-boy. It’s turned way too much hair gray in this head of mine.”

“Maybe that’s just age, Bones. Kidding, kidding!” Jim throws up his hands at the black look on McCoy’s face. “I understand you, though. I miss it too. I miss this.” He drags a hand across the plaque engraved with To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before.

Jim turns to Spock. “What about you, Spock? Is teaching as fascinating as being a science officer and my First?”

Spock’s eyes almost gleam in the starlight. “Jim, teaching has its merits. And it is infinitely more safe.”

Bones rolls his eyes. “Oh come on, Spock! Just tell the man what he wants to hear. It’s the only way to shut him up.”

Jim remarks jauntily, “Actually, I can think of several other ways to do that.”

This time McCoy does go red, before pushing past Jim. If Spock’s Vulcan ears pick up the low “Always such a damned tease…” he refrains from commenting.

They—all three in sync—walk along the corridor. Finally, McCoy speaks.

“Who knows, Jim, maybe we won’t get discharged from service for our insubordination.” (Jim laughs yeah right.) “Maybe they’ll demote you to Captain and give you back the Enterprise.”

“And the crew along with it, Bones?”

“You never know.” McCoy stops, bounces on the balls of his feet. “Stranger things have happened.”

Jim grows suddenly serious, faces both Spock and McCoy. “I don’t want the Enterprise if I can’t have either of you with me.”


“No, Bones. Hear me out.” Jim lays a hand on the bulkhead of the Enterprise. “What’s a home without someone to share it with? I need you—both of you. I want you with me.”

Spock asks, “And if you never again captain the Enterprise, Jim?”

Jim smiles a little. “We’ll build a home elsewhere. As long as we’re together.

McCoy swallows hard (like his heart is in his throat).

“What about it, Bones? Are you willing to try? Can you forgive me—us?”

Leonard looks first at Jim (this strong, wonderfully vibrant man) and then at Spock (a paradox—intrigue, brilliance, and grace in a single being). His voice is rough when he speaks. “I can try.” Meaning, I think I can—even with this pain in my chest. I hope I can. I accept the offer this time.

The light in Jim’s eyes make them all the more striking. Kirk and McCoy touch each other, no words needed. Spock raises his hand to McCoy, fingers spayed. When McCoy asks silently Are you sure?, Spock nods. They press fingertips together.

It’s an incredible beginning to a beautiful relationship. In spite of everything, there is all the time in the galaxy for love.



Note: So this is what happens in my ‘verse. Take ST:TMP and throw this baby in. Then shuffle around (or obliterate) a few movies and… volia! Jim gets the Captaincy back by helping Bones in this little fiasco, and the Enterprise is sent on another five-year mission in which our trio develops a lovely (and lovingly slashy) relationship.

And yes, I know, there may be questions concerning certain space pirates… but perhaps you’ll get your answers in a one-shot that takes a look at these boys’ futures (together). :)

(I’ll admit, I was a little enamored of Captain Noreh too.)

Thank you all for the support! I just wanted a fic to show that Bones is very capable of getting himself out of scrapes. But he also knows when to ask for help (even if he is a stubborn ol’ goat–one that we love).

Sequel here.

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  1. romennim

    But that was perfect!! And such a delicate and sweet ending.. Perfect. Really. And I’d love to see more of this universe :)

  2. dark_kaomi

    I also enjoy Captain Noreh. He’s an interesting personality, a perfect pirate. Yay, I was hoping for a sweet ending! And the kiss was wonderful. Now, how about a sequel? *hint hint*

  3. dizilla

    I love me a bamf!bones, especially if it’s a bamf!tos!bones. Ecellent fic! I love how he got everyone working together and the fact that Jim and Spock were the last to know. Loverly intrigue to boot! Would love to see how they make it up to Bones… XD psst, you need to change the link from chapter nine and the header here, they both say chapter nine instead of ten.

    • writer_klmeri

      I love BAMF!TOS!McCoy too… he needs more presence in the fandom. I may get around to a sequel; every time I start it, the first part wants to become another saga. I’m not sure that my brain can handle another saga right away! XD Oh, sorry for any confusion. There are ten parts but it’s split into a prologue and nine chapters. Everything should be okay. :)

  4. rei_hino88

    oh my god oh my god oh my god!!! it’s wonderful *_________* too sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!! it’s adorable!!!!! i love it *____*

  5. taraxacumoff

    I love this Bones: competent, and stubborn, and sarcastic, but knowing his friends will come to help ,and not ashamed to confess he couldn’t do everything alone … and also not opposed to a little dramatic show (the memorial scene!!! ) People are always so obsessed with Kirk and Spock, marvelous as they are, that i think there is not enough good fics about McCoy. But yours was really, really good. And the more fluffy part of me was really, really happy he gave these two another chance! ^^

    • writer_klmeri

      Thank you! This was my second ST fic. When I was posting in on AO3 yesterday or the day before, I read some of it and thought, I would rewrite half of this. It’s funny how, just by comparing old to new fics, I can see how much has changed in my presentation. But what’s even funnier? I still love McCoy just as much! :) You are absolutely right about the lack of good McCoy fics. I’m always hoping to find one.

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