The Rogue of Ciraea – Preface



JEWELS White Yellow Tiger Eye Rose Summer-sky Purple Dusk Opal* Green Sapphire Red Gray Ebon-gray Black *Opal is the dividing line between lighter and darker Jewels because it can be either. When making the Offering to the Darkness, a person can descend a maximum of three ranks from his/her Birthright Jewel. Example: Birthright White could …

The Rogue of Ciraea – Epilogue



Epilogue Kaeleer three weeks later Hell’s fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful. Ebon Askavi—the Black Mountain—is an appropriate name for this place. Jakob stops walking when he thinks that he spies a ripple of a deep shadow. But a shadow isn’t supposed to move unless it belongs to someone! he wants to …