The Making of a Triumvirate



Title: The Making of a Triumvirate
Author: klmeri
Fandom: Star Trek TOS
Characters: Kirk, Spock, McCoy
Disclaimer: Never mine. Introspection purposes only.
Summary: Very short one-shot about our three favorite characters; title says it all.

There comes a time in a man’s life when he must choose his fate. Will he accept the responsibility of his talent, or will he deny himself a true calling, yet possibly save his own life in doing so?

Leonard H. McCoy has never been a man to back away from a challenge. People tell him that he has a God-given capacity for healing. Not just through science and study, but with his heart of gold. He sees the best in Man and loves Him; he sees the worst in Man and forgives Him. There is not a soul in the universe that would be denied the help of Leonard McCoy, should that soul only ask.

The truth is this: Leonard may be brave but that does not exclude him from being frightened by his gift. Where others fear to tread, he will throw himself heedlessly down the path—if it means the saving of a life. This scares him deeply, because he knows that he won’t be able to stop himself, should he choose a career that puts him face-to-face with people in need. If he should be unable to succeed, to not heal, it will break pieces of him.

Leonard is a brilliant, caring man. Is he a selfish one?

He likes to pretend that he is, but no one takes his pretence seriously. It’s as if they can see inside his soul. When he makes harsh demands, his grip remains gentle. When Leonard offers something as trivial as his seat to the weary, on the basis that his legs work perfectly fine, he will argue that it’s his good Southern breeding; friends know that it is just Leonard himself. A man who marks others with priority; a man who loves with sweet kisses and warm blue eyes.

This man, this Human, of many thorns and a soft skin that hides beneath.

Is he selfish? No.

Thus Leonard goes to medical school—not because his family and friends say “yes, you must”; not when a pretty woman named Jocelyn (that he secretly pines after) caresses his arm, says, “for me, Len; for our future.” No, he does it because he knows he will always have a fear in his heart of failure—that it will push him to fight every battle as if it is the last—and this is the instinct of a good doctor. He cares too much for the people of this world (one day, worlds) to deny them a chance to be saved.

Jimmy is going to be a Captain of the Stars. This he knows as soon as he crawls out of his bed late one night and sneaks onto the porch of his Iowa home. There are many, many shining stars in the sky, ones that he can explore, should he so wish. And oh, how he does!

It’s on his mind even when he carouses with friends through fields of tall golden wheat; it seeps into his dreams at night. It whispers in his ear after he loves a girl—and so he slips off into the dawn without telling her goodbye.

Jim (no longer Jimmy) grows into a solid man of confidence, passion, and drive. It never changes, though, his fantasy. This is why he joins Starfleet. Not as another Kirk in a long line of Kirk’s; not for the need of command or control. It’s the desire for the stars and the open black sea of space. He wants that most of all. The Captaincy of a beautiful starship is only the icing on the cake.

(He gets his wish in record-time.)

Spock, son of Sarek, knows little about wishes or desires of his own; he is well-aware of those of his people, however. He comes into adulthood as a properly raised Vulcan—one of logic and calculations—one that is exceptionally good at both, despite a drawback of heritage. His father has detailed the plans for Spock’s career as carefully as an engineer draws schematics. The plan is sound, functional, and most of all, advantageous to the majority.

Spock has never considered himself to be “the majority.” (He has always known that he is unique.)

He enlists in Starfleet. It breaks the tie binding him to his father, and they will not speak for years to come. At this moment, though, when he trains in the Starfleet Academy—graduates with the highest honors—and takes his first assignment aboard Pike’s Enterprise, he knows that he has made the correct choice. Science is his forte, feeds his fascination for unusual phenomena. At the Vulcan Science Academy, there is a plethora of high-quality research to engage his mind, but there is little experience of science-in-action.

This, Spock concludes, is a desire of his very own. To actively seek out that which changes the universe, those infinite combinations; to study, categorize, and memorize each new occurrence. He will deny that it excites him, as he is still Vulcan and does not (willingly) feel such emotion. But being in space, with people unlike himself and worlds more to explore, he admits contentment.

This is the life of Spock, Starfleet science officer.

These three men must meet, Destiny decides. They will function thus:

Spock yields to the hand of Kirk; Bones pushes back.
The Captain accepts the wisdom of Mr. Spock; the Doctor sharpens its potential.
Jim and Spock protect the heart of McCoy.

So it happens. They are brought together on this starship Enterprise in suitable capacities, all with status and necessary strengths. They, each in his distinctive way, are gravity—pulling one another into orbit. It is not sudden, but a gradual and strong summons. And, in the final moments, before they form a whole, each recognizes his fit—tailored perfectly—to the design.

Leonard is compassion; Spock is temperance; Jim is ardor.

And a triumvirate is born.


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  1. lilbatfacedgirl

    Okay, this is a positive manifesto for why they must, MUST, always be together. And beautifully written. I love the imagery or them being each other’s gravity.

  2. romennim

    I like the sense of destiny, epic and gravity you permeated this little piece with. very well done :) you don’t know how much I’d like to read something like this in a multi-chaptered and detailed story!! :) anyway… yours was a good substitute… not that it lacks anything! I hope you understand what I mean :)

    • writer_klmeri

      I do. I thought that myself. :) There can never be enough writing to detail the beginning of their epic relationship–showcase how well they work together, how it becomes apparent and necessary to the functioning of the Enterprise mission and the three on a personal level, so on and so on. I don’t have enough guts to write that, though. It’s… too special.

      • romennim

        yeah, I know, but… you know, when I started writing I wanted to do just that. I wanted to try to take my mmm… guess? I don’t know if it’s the right word. Well, I wanted to say what I thought about it. Then other ideas popped into my mind. But that one is still there. And when I have a bit of peace I’d like to try and write it down. Also because, as a reader, I’d like to read something like that from someone else… Just to have something more ‘tangible’ to base my fantasy – and my ideas of how all that happened – on :)

        • writer_klmeri

          I’d never tell another writer not to go for it! Seriously, you should if you think you can. I myself would love to read about it. Always will. :) My “thoughts” are also influenced by other’s works too; especially when they hit just that right cord and stick with me.

          • romennim

            well, I don’t promise anything for now!! :) I still need to see all of the episodes and mull everything over. also because if no one writes about it, I think I must do it myself :) I want to read something like this!!!!!

  3. dark_kaomi

    I liked this. Gave a greater depth to each character. Also, are you trying a new style? Something seems a little different. That last line is love.

    • writer_klmeri

      Nope, no new style. It really depends on the content of the work. If it’s semi-serious (and not creepy-serious like Untitled)… it’s less chaotic. The triumvirate IS love.

      • dark_kaomi

        Ah, that makes sense. I think this kind of content fits your style best. Not that your other stories are bad (they’re not, not even close) this just seems to suite. They’re my favorite and I’m glad there’s such a dedicated writer for them. It was needed. And you’re so good at it! Jealoussssss.

    • writer_klmeri

      Thank you! I write mostly K/S/M, but there is some platonic trio interaction fics too. :) There is a tag bar on the side for easier navigation.

  4. stillwaters1

    Leonard is compassion; Spock is temperance; Jim is ardor. So much love for this line! On a somewhat random note….would you ever consider taking “and” out of that last line? I almost feel like the ending would be even more powerful as just, “A triumvirate was born.” Just my two cents, feel free to disregard if it doesn’t fit your vision :)

    • writer_klmeri

      Thank you! I had debated the last line actually. I’m not surprised you picked up on that. You are pretty awesome that way! It would be powerful without the “And”; on the other hand, as a huge fairy tale lover, I wanted the last paragraph to be reminiscent of tale–so I stuck the “And” in front like the classic closer “And they lived happily ever after.” Does this make sense? I’m sorry, but my brain is strange. There is a description for Characters rather than Pairing; it’s to emphasize the lack of slash. I did it for readers like yourself, who prefer general-trio love rather than slashy-trio love. I adore both. :)

      • stillwaters1

        Oh, I never even looked at it in the fairy tale sense…..I should have known with you :) With that in mind, I love it, and I’m glad you went with your heart. It is a sort of fairy-tale relationship in many ways, isn’t it? Your brain isn’t strange – it’s yours! Hell, I wrote an epic story in an old fandom many years ago revolving around the “happily ever after” theme (and even named it “happily ever after” even though it wasn’t a very happy story overall). I enjoy the way your fairy-tale mind influences your writing – it gives it something very special. And thank you for the gen-trio nod :)

  5. kendermouse

    This is STUNNING. Such a beautiful capturing of the bare-bones essence of each man – and how they all come together to complete and strengthen one another. Lovely, lovely piece. pax, the kendermouse

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