A Reader Asked “What is Your Favorite of Your Works?”



Wow, I suppose that this is a relevant question, considering that I am now up to 16 fics—including a collection of drabbles. Hmmm…

First, I would like to mention two fics: A Haunting Error and The Odds Are Better Together. Both rank as my second favorites; I can’t really choose between them. A Haunting Error is just strange and… different. Spock possessed by Destiny during a seance? Wow, what was my brain thinking? I’m tempted to give it an award for Most Cracktastic Moment. On the other hand, The Odds Are Better Together is showcase of my love for Kirk, Spock, and McCoy—and a compilation of little ficlet ideas that could have been. It’s all the best, bizarre, and scary moments in both TOS and AOS (and even the Mirror!Verse). How can I not love it?

Hands-down, The Right-Hand Man and its sequel are number one, together, as a unit. The fic I like to refer to as the BAMF!Bones Fic is the first, and possibly only, time that I managed to half-plan a story in advance; and that’s only due to the storyline being a personal beloved tale I’ve told myself since I fell in love with McCoy—and later, K/S/M. I also managed to incorporate other TOS characters without screwing up too badly AND developed the notorious Captain Noreh and his Valissan space pirates. For Noreh alone, The Right-Hand Man becomes deeply special—and thus, its sequel Friend or Foe is too. That fic is, on purpose, dramatically hilarious. I like to think that I have a sense of humor; often, however, it does not seem appropriate to display that in the heavy suspense pieces I’m prone to writing. But on occasion, I can let the humor shine—and that just makes me plain happy. :)

So, with that said and the question answered, I would like to ask of you all:
Which of my works is your favorite and why?

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  1. dizilla

    Right-Hand Man, yes I love for the BAMF!ness and the humor that was interspersed with all the darkness of the coverup. I think it’s tied with Odds are Better, as yeah all those little looks into what ifs were lovely. And just behind those two, I loved the one (was it your first?) with Bones becoming a sea creature. Overall there’s not many fanfics that deal with the supernatural and an actual good mystery. Kept me on the edge through out. =D

    • writer_klmeri

      Yes, it was originally titled Untitled because I didn’t know what to call it, and then I decided I liked that as the name. (‘Cause I’m weird. XD ) I am totally a fantasy/fairy-tale lover so I couldn’t NOT write Bones turning into a “sea creature!” Untitled will always be special to me, as my first fic and one of the strangest things I’ve ever written to date. I tried to capture some of that creepiness in Mark of the Beast–though it was less fantasy and more thriller! Thanks for your input! I’m glad you enjoyed Right-Hand Man as much as I did. Bones rocks my world!! :)

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