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Here is a trailer of that movie we love/hate. I can tell you, this is the first time I’ve laughed with regard to the flaws of Into Darkness. I didn’t agree with everything but, still, it felt good to laugh. Honest trailer’s Star Trek Into Darkness

The Tower (#12, The Drabble Bin)



Title: The Tower (#12, The Drabble Bin) Author: klmeri Fandom: Star Trek AOS, Star Trek Into Darkness Characters: Kirk Summary: Jim meets an old friend who understands him all too well. Previous Drabbles: The Old Four | Those Neighborhood Hoodlums | Trapped | A Cage of His Own | Of Perky Starfleet Bottoms | An …

I Shouldn’t Go to Sleep Thinking of Trek



It just occurred to me last night that there could definitely be a post-Into Darkness fic where Leonard realizes he has xenopolycythemia (no Yonada or Fabrini in sight) and his time is short. He tells Jim, and Jim – devastated of course – argues the case to use Khan’s blood to cure him. Leonard can’t …

Why So Upset?



Last night I stumbled upon a discussion that kind of unsettled me. It had less to do with someone’s critique of Into Darkness and more to do with AOS-bashing in general. I think I ought to address this from the perspective of someone who enjoys the original series as well as the reboot. Really – …

All Fall Down



Title: All Fall Down Author: klmeri Fandom: STXII (Star Trek Into Darkness) Rating: NC-17 Word Count: 4093 Pairing: Spock/McCoy, Kirk/McCoy, pre-Kirk/Spock/McCoy Warnings: sexual content; new movie spoilers Summary: If they weren’t together before, they are now. The aftermath. Read here or at AO3 *******NEW MOVIE SPOILERS NEW MOVIE SPOILERS NEW MOVIE SPOILERS******* I am so …

Waiting is So Hard



***TALK ABOUT STXII*** In case y’all don’t know yet, the newest trailer (ie newest rendition of what we’ve already seen) for STXII is out! Go here to watch. Can anyone else see the subtle pandering to the Triumvirate fans, or is that just me because I’m obsessive…? :/ Also, I thought Kirk’s voice came out …




NEW STXII MOVIE POSTER. Here. WHERE IS MCCOY? GODDAMMIT. No, JJ, this is NOT the reason why you should put in pictures of nearly naked Alice Eve’s as a viral hoax… so you can link to a poster WITHOUT MCCOY.




Friends, THERE IS MORE TRAILER for STXII – more footage, MORE hints, MOAR – wait, Alice Eve in her undies? *cackles* Go here to watch. Suffice to say, I now have a new theory on the identity of Cumberbatch’s character.

New STXII Trailer!



Thank you to hora_tio for sending me this link to a new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. I love a chance to see more of Pike and McCoy! Go here to watch the trailer on Youtube. By the way, has the fandom consensus decided to go with STID rather than STXII? Just curious. ***Also, …

A Good Thought



Sometime during my fitful sleep last night (colds suck, like majorly suck), it occurred to my brain: THREE MONTHS LEFT UNTIL STXII!!!!! Can you believe six months is already down to three? After waiting three years, it’s so close. So, so close!